About Me

If you really want to hear about stories where you lose yourself totally and find a complete new you, this continuous journey of mine is a perfect fit. With me you will see, experience fresh feelings and will have patience of reaching destination like a sustainable growth of the traveler within me. Arrivals and destinations are not the end but ever growing hunger to experience more. In this process, I am making memorable friends and visiting places that are welcoming for an eye of appreciation and acceptance.

Who I am?

It’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of high boots.

I am Ruchi, a Travel Junkie. By profession I am a Software Engineer and work in an MNC. I concentrate on silences in songs and little breaks in life, whenever I get time, I get going.

How I feel in love with Travelling as well as Food?

As a small kid, I always wander how it feels like to travel from one place to another, meet new people, enjoy their culture and try out local cuisines. Whenever I used to go on vacation with my family, I always felt complete, happy and never wanted to leave that place. But at that point of time I did not know why I felt like this every time, was that my Love for travelling, don’t know? But when I first traveled to Goa back in 2016, I discover my passion for traveling and I knew the answer now and wanted to explore every part of world. Since then I have been saving every penny of my salary, managing my accounts to travel and explore new places.
I am a big foodie. I have my own priorities, whenever I am visiting some new place, I ask and find the famous food joints and about their local cuisine. I enjoy food in a 5 start restaurant as much as I enjoy street food. As I travel, I thoroughly enjoy their local cuisine.

How I define Traveling?

For me, Traveling is something which helps me to escape from everyday life and makes me feel content and same good for food, there is simple logic in my life
I.e. Good Food is Happy Me

Look how happy I am after seeing Food menu at Dal Roti, Fort Kochi

Traveling around the world is a dream for me, making new friends, enjoy new culture, taste new food and enjoy each day, I am living my dream and will continue doing that.

With this Blog, I have tried to share my journey and my passion of traveling with you all and hope to inspire you all to travel more often and join me sometime in some strange land.
There is a Famous Asian Proverb
Better to see something once than to hear about it 1000 times

I must tell you, when you go to new place, you just have to stand quietly for a minute and breathe and let the romance of the place soak in and that’s how you fell in love with the place.