How I fell in love with backwaters – Alleppey (Alappuzha)

Now after spending my days in Fort Kochi and before departing to Delhi tomorrow, I decided to discover the inland waterways i.e. Backwaters and villages of Kerala so I reached Alleppey aka Alappuzha. It is also known as “Venice of the East”. It is 1.5 hour drive from Fort Kochi.

We reached the place at 1 pm. As we didn’t had enough time so we ditched to stay in the luxurious houseboat. Instead we opt Shikara which was definitely a good decision.

What is shikara?”

Shikara is a boat with its roof covered and has reclining seats with sides open.

We initially decided to book it for 2 hours but ended up for 3 hours. It cost us 1500 rupees for 2 person.

Once the Shikara started, it slowly moved through backwaters and pass villages. The surrounding is lush green with paddy fields and covered with coconut and palm trees. We sat and romanced with the breeze. It was very peaceful and relaxing. We were mesmerized by the beauty and enjoyed the sound of water and chirping of birds. Several tourist and locals sailed past us in their barges and canoes. Birds were feasting on paddy fields submerged in water.

The boat driver took us to vembanand lake where we pause for lunch. Keralan traditional food was served in traditional manner perfectly cooked by a local chef as lunch.

After Lunch, when we were back in Shikara. We got to see the village life, Women were talking to each other from two ends. Children were playing and diving in the backwaters. Men busy fishing with fishing rods made from thin bamboo stick. Fishing is one of the main source of income here.

Our Shikara driver was very friendly and he guided us really well. While talking to him, I asked how is the place back 10-15 years when there were no tourist. It must be less polluted and more beautiful and peaceful but he gave us a totally different answer. He told us that due to increasing tourism, State government has taken in-charge for the maintenance so It becomes less polluted now. And Tourism also helped the local people to have the income other than from agriculture and fishing.

While talking with him, we reached our boarding point from where we started. The beautiful ride has come to an end. It was everlasting memory and hope to come soon again.

What Tripflings can suggest you to do in Alleppey?

  1. Stay in Houseboat : If you have time, Stay in a Traditional Houseboat for at-least a day.
  2. Try out Kayaking.
  3. Sunset and Picnic at Marari Beach : It is approx. 30 min away from Alleppey Houseboats point and offers the best sunset view. If you love water sports, you can also try some.
  4. Ayurvedic Massage : It is very common here. The oil used is extracted from various rare medicinal plants. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, body pain and many more.