Udaipur – Why, Where, What of the most Romantic City

Udaipur- City of Lakes

Why Udaipur?

Udaipur is one of most beautiful city renounced for popular tourist attractions like hills, lakes, Rajput history and scenic sights. It is one of India’s prettiest cities with artificial lakes, royal palaces for every season and weather, mansions, gardens, and what not. It is the city of culture, handicrafts and traditions. The city named after Maharana Udai Singh lives up to its name  since it was founded way back in 1553 AD- ‘Udai’ means growth and ‘pur’ translates to land. Millions of tourist visit the city every year witness the beauty and culture it offers to its tourist. It caters to a great influx of foreign tourists because it attracts them with the preserved culture, the Rajasthani ways and it’s unforgettable hospitality. People of Rajasthan know the value of a guest and treat them with respect.


When you go for a trip you don’t carry luggage, you leave them behind. This piece of writing will take you through things you should definitely do in Udaipur for everlasting memories. First thing first, plan well in advance, best time to visit.

The best time to visit, yester year capital of Mewar Kingdom is winters, from mid-September to late march. The days are bright, sunny and warm. Morning, evenings and nights are cold.

How many days you would like to stay; for me 2 days were more than enough to cover all the places and enjoy evening meal next to the beautiful lake. 

  • Book a hotel next to the Pichola lake, many Hotels offer lake view rooms. The west bank will give you the best view of various attractions city palace, Gangaur Ghat, Bagore Ki Haveli and Jagadish Mandir. I stayed in Jaiwana Haveli, which is next to Bagore ki Haveli and was a wonderful experience. Lake Palace is one of the most romantic hotels and I recommend it too.

Mode of travel: The city of lakes is well connected with an airport, railway station and road ways. Frequent bus and cab services are available for road travel.

Distances by road from other tourist destinations

Delhi:               663km

Agra:                634km

Raipur:             400km

Jodhpur:          270km

Chittorgarh:    120km

Ranakpur:        95km

Kumbhalgarh: 85 km

0700 AM:

Fateh Sagar Lake

You may choose to walk or run around the lake. The lake house three islands and is a perfect place for peaceful morning and beautiful sunrise. During day however Nehru Park is accessible with motor boats. If you are around in the months of Shravan (August/September), Hariyali Amavasya Mela (Green New Moon Fair) can be enjoyed.

If you are late bird, have breakfast in your hotel and enjoy your morning next to the lake. You can chose a lazy day and enjoy getting up late.

0900 AM:

Most places in the city are open by now. If you are back to you hotel visit any place nearby.

Mansapurna Karni Mata Rope Way

      This is small temple on top of a hill, south east of the lake Pichola. Surrounded by forest, the way till the top and the final view is drop-dead gorgeous. The entire Udaipur city is visible from here.

Sahelion ki Bari

       Next to Lake Fateh Sagar, this attractive garden has fountains and kiosks, a lotus pool and marble pavilions, elephant statues. Built and designed in 1710 by Maharana Sangram Singh for the royal ladies, took 24 years to get completed and is a famous tourist attraction. I went here on my first day and was flattered by the ambience. During this time there is not much of a crowd so can easily click pictures.

1000 AM:

City Palace

        The main attraction and pride of the city is the city palace. On the east bank of the Lake Pichola this enormously extended palace built over hundreds of years starting from 1559 AD house a massive series of places, a triple-arched gate, a museum reflecting royal era. You can take pictures too; it would take roughly 3 hours to complete the entire palace.

Monsoon Place

        For those who are interested in looking into the life of royal family and till what extent royal families went for luxury this is the best example, this mansion was chiefly built to watch the monsoon clouds. You may have to book a car for the trip, as this is 6 Km from Lake Pichola. Also known as the Sajjan Garh Palace is overlooking Lake Fateh Sagar. You may also choose this for a beautiful sunset view.

0200 PM:

Jagadish Temple

       Built in 1651 is nearly 79 feet high marble structure with intercepted by a Brass image of Garuda. This lively temple is full of devotees and gives a deep sense of spirituality. The temple is near by the City Palace and can be reached by a short walk.


Many snacks like Bikaneri Bhujia, Mirchi Bada and Pyaaj Kachori are famous. You should try some dishes which may interest you and are famous are Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, Mohan Maas, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Khichdi and many more.


Bagore Ki Haveli

      This eighteenth century monument built by Prime Minister of Rajasthan, is nearby City Palace and right on the waterfront of Lake Pichola. Displaying tradition and culture of Rajasthan, it is a must visit place in Udaipur. Puppet house is a special attraction in it. It will take 45 minutes to cover this place in detail.

Jag Mandir

        To start a delightful evening this is the best place in town. With a motor boat you reach this island built in the Lake Pichola. This summer resort of royal family named after Maharana Jagat Singh, serves you drinks and snacks. For love birds there cannot be a more romantic place.       



Dharohar dance Show at Bagore Ki Haveli

You should buy tickets before hand to avoid queue. Very well scripted show presented by live artists narrated in both English and Hindi takes you into a different world. Music and dance performances are outstanding, colorful, steeped in traditional and culture, showcased with complete sincerity and dedication. 

Light and Sound Show at City Palace      

      If you are really confused with all the Maharans and deeply interested in glorious of Rajasthan and Mewar kingdom a must watch show is waiting for at the City Palace. This show is filled with colourful lights and dramatic sound performance.  Played on the walls of the City Palace this show captures you imagination. 

Few Add-ons

Packing always starts with lots of enthusiasm and ends with confused self. My idea of packing has always been packing light; a life with less baggage is always beautiful.   Know you essentials and keep them first. This honeymooner’s paradise is very tourist friendly and getting anything will not be much of a problem.

       On reaching Udaipur, located southern slopes of Aravalli Hills, you can take cab or an auto to reach your hotel.

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